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"There are no goodbyes for us"

To all those I know, as well as those I don’t.

It has been challenging to find the right words, as I didn’t want to send something that merely repeats what many have said before. Nor do I wish to come off as patronizing, so I will attempt to keep this message fairly brief, & to the point.

You will not be surprised to learn that I won’t be creating Sound baths for quite some time, due to the pandemic that’s swiftly invaded our lives, & many others across the globe.

We have all been blindsided by the impact of this virus, some more than others, so my aim in reaching out to you, is to bring some light amid the pervading darkness of fear & palpable uncertainty, as well as a chance to offer respite through humor.

This first link offers what I believe to be a very important message, but ultimately you will be the judge of that.

This second link is for those who are able & interested in offering support to people in dire need of it. I’m sure you have all given generously through simple acts of random kindness, as we are all aware of the weighty value in that, especially now.

The third, I received from the UK. It brought some welcome levity at a particularly difficult moment. I hope it grants you the same.

Please, please take as much good care of yourselves as you can, while nourishing the connections you have with loved ones.

I will miss the opportunity of seeing you face to face, but as my teacher always says, this is not “Goodbye”, but more of a “See you later”.

With love always.


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