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Trauma Informed Yoga + Sound bath - POSTPONED!!

Trauma Informed Yoga + Sound bath.

With Sangeeta Vallabhan & myself.

March 19th 2020.

6.30pm - 8.30pm.

Yoga Vida


Tel: 212 845 9973

In this workshop, we will be exploring trauma through

trauma informed yoga + a sound bath.

Everyone has different ways of dealing with trauma.

Some people can cope more easily & function at a relatively high level, others may be more impacted & more debilitated, while many may not be cognizant of being traumatized at all.

Either way, the effects could last for long periods of time.

Maybe even a lifetime.

This workshop will include some introductory discussion, a practice of trauma informed yoga, & a trauma focussed sound bath.

Sangeeta Vallabhan is an outstanding person & yoga teacher, believe me, you couldn't be in finer care in her classes as she's been teaching yoga for many years, & continues to do so in the city.

She has created some great workshops, including a trauma informed yoga teacher training, (which I've taken), & highly recommend.

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