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We are all forever students & teachers in life.

(Marsha is 200+ hrs Sound bath Meditation Certified & 800+ hrs Yoga Teacher Trained).

Every moment has taught me something valuable. Every interaction has revealed a slew of truths, whether I've been open to them or not. My husband is my biggest teacher. His heart & soul speak to me everyday. He sees me, hears me & loves me unconditionally. Forever am I grateful for who he is, & for the honor of being by his side.....may it always be so.  

My Sound bath Meditation teachers are extraordinarily gifted. Jessica Kaplan & Dana Slamp, were the first to open my eyes & believe in me. Gong Master Don Conreaux & Master Satya Brat - Himalayan Singing Bowls Maestro, taught me to believe in the instruments & the power of ones intent. At the Sound & Music Institute (Open Center. NYC), I studied with: Alexandre Tannous, Thomas Amelio, Nacho Arimany, John Beaulieu, Howard Schatz, Joshua Leeds, Ysaye Barnwell, Silvia Nakkach, all exceptionally learned individuals. David Gibson at The Globe Institute. CA, reminded me to tone with the music of life. The writings & insights of Krishnamurti, George Orwell, Maya Angelou, Alain de Botton & more, encourage me to trust my, insights, intuition & observations - as do my friends. Music continues to save me, I live in it, & love it with complete abandon.

We are surrounded by a symphony of music everyday if we know how to listen. I know this with certainty as I hear it all the time. This is down to my earliest Sound Meditations & Sound Teacher, Mother nature, whose medicine I will forever find sustenance & solace in. 

My Teachers: Welcome
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