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Sound bath For Release - 02/27/19

🌊Sound Bath for Release🕊

with Marsha Bentami.

Wednesday February 27th 2019

7.30pm - 9.30pm

Please book in advance by going to or call 718 7572578.

In this Sound Bath event, there is nothing to do but listen deeply to the soothing instruments of singing bowls, voice, chimes & more.

This experience is an opportunity to release & explore whatever your mind, body & spirit needs.

By listening to deeply 'resonant' sounds (through harmonious instruments), we can change the way we perceive sound & remind ourselves of what wellness looks & feels like.

Know that it is ok not to feel ok at times. In this environment, you will see that it is safe to be as you are in this judgement free cocoon of Sound.

Simply - Lay down, Listen & Let Go.

***Please bring something to cover your eyes so as to deepen the experience***

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