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Sunday, December 30th -- Sound Bath for Release

with Marsha Bentami, 6pm-8pm.

Please book in advance by going to or call 718 7572578.

Treat yourself this festive season to a well earned moment of deep relaxation.

In this Sound Bath event, there is nothing to do but listen deeply to the soothing instruments of singing bowls, voice, chimes & more. Allow yourself to relax into a cocoon of spontaneous sound, that will lead you to a place of wellbeing.

This experience is an opportunity to release & explore whatever your mind & body needs, in order to nurture your equilibrium, for ease & clarity within. Everything is vibration, therefore everything is sound, including ourselves. We are surrounded by a symphony of sound, that can seem like noise, & just like an orchestra, sometimes we need to 'tune in to tune up'.

By listening to deeply 'resonant' sounds (through highly vibratory instruments), we can change the way we perceive sound & remind ourselves of what wellness looks & feels like. By relinquishing our layers of emotional, mental & physical blocks through the harmonious & occasionally dissonant experience of a Sound bath Meditation, we can give ourselves permission to explore what we discover about ourselves & apply the same curiosity to the world about us.

Know that it is ok not to feel ok at times. In this environment, you will see that it is safe to be as you are, this is a judgment-free zone & you are the band leader of your own internal orchestra.

Simply - Lay down, Listen & Let Go.

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