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Remember, Remember, the 11th of November.

Due to unforeseen circumstances the following event is cancelled.

We both look forward to creating something divine for you next year & wish you a Happy Festive Season in the meantime.

Monthly Sound Bath Meditation

  • Sunday, November 11, 2018

  • 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

  • Pathfinder Institute

  • 28 Warren Street, 3rd Floor

  • Tribeca.

  • New York, NY 10007

On the second Sunday of every month, Marsha Bentami mindfully weaves a cocoon of gentle and spontaneous sounds to create a safe space where people can ease into a state of deep listening. Participants need only lay down, close their eyes, and allow themselves to explore their inner and outer world simply by listening without judgement of themselves or their experience.

Come be immersed in resonant sounds from instruments including Chimes, Alchemy + Himalayan Singing Bowls, Ting-Sha Bells, and more. The meditation takes place through the vibrations of the sounds from the instruments, as well as through practice of deep listening to the sounds themselves.

((((Please bring something to cover your eyes))))

Book your spot at:

For coming events & more, keep your eyes peeled on my 'Blog/Events' page.

The chill of Fall is in the air & it's many shades of rusty colors surround. Anytime is a good time for a Sound bath Meditation in my humble opinion. However, as we prepare to hunker down for cooler climes ahead, I get the sense we all are in need of a reminder of how important self care is. Now is a time of gathering up one another, our resources, ourselves.

There is much to come, both politically & personally, (see my previous post).

We are taught in the West from a young age, that self care is a decadence one can ill afford, financially, or otherwise. Truth is, we cannot serve to aid another persons well being if we don't attend to our own, & it needn't be costly on any level.

I was reminded of this after a Restorative yoga - Sound bath with my husband for his birthday. My mind & emotions were a restless rollercoaster of frenzy thru-ought the entire experience for me. Confused & disappointed at myself, I resigned to the idea that I was a fraud. If I could not relax into another persons tenderly crafted Sound event, then perhaps I shouldn't be creating them myself. It wasn't till we were on our way to dinner, that I found myself unusually calm amid the chaos of city traffic& its relentless honking of horns. I even slept well that night, something I've struggled to do for quite some time. Busying myself with my ever growing 'To Do list', while attending to my loved ones needs (as well as my own), has been an overwhelming juggle at times.

Yes, I see you nodding.

Yet, in my excitement at my husbands coming Birthday, a theme unconsciously took shape while planning surprises for him. The importance of nurturing ones self gradually evolved into motion. The more we delved into each activity, the further we realized how deep our individual thirst was for self maintenance & inner care, not only for ones self, but for each-other & our relationship.

All this to simply say, taking loving care of yourselves is to do the same for one-another. Grant yourself permission to start simple, start small, start 'NOW'.

I invite you to join me at my monthly Sound bath Meditations, & begin (or continue), your journey in gifting yourself such a kindness.

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