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Sign of the Times - Letter of Thanks.

The past few weeks have probably been emotionally taxing for all of us.

If you have observed the news, you’ll have witnessed the lid of a collective trauma being flung open by a chorus of (women’s), voices demanding they no longer be ignored. For me, this has been a painful yet liberating experience. The more issues of gender inequality & sexual assault remain taboo, the less educated we are about their definition, how best to address them & how to tackle the pain of those being consistently dismissed & derided as a result of ignorance.

Sound Meditations are not a cure all, however, I have witnessed & experienced its positive effect on ones ability to find ease within discomfort, when we listen with our whole being. We have all suffered Trauma, some of us more than others. Sound Meditations provide an opportunity for us to see ourselves as we are, without the need to judge what we discover. When we give ourselves permission to sit with whatever arises in us, we become more attentive & aware of the information it brings. It is an exercise in seeing things as they are, not as you wish them to be, through listening & observing what takes place within & around us.

For some of us, we may relax into a sense of calm. Or see what surfaces when certain sounds make us comfortable or uncomfortable & why. For others, it may be the most rejuvenating snooze they’ve enjoyed in a long time. Whatever shows up for you in the moment, is what was needed at that time.

Hopefully, you’ve gained today is something you can re-use whenever you feel overwhelmed by the noise of the news, the city, your head, your environment, & re-create a safe calming space to re-gain your equilibrium.

It was my sincere pleasure to dive into the art of listening with you. I look forward to our journeying through sound together soon, as they will occur every second Sunday of each month.

Till we meet again, experiment with listening to yourselves & each other, without judging what you find.


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