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National Suicide Prevention Day.

My friend @angteatime has a great Podcast called ‘Power of Connection’.

Both she & Heidi Jackman talk in depth from the heart in Episode 17, about Depression, Anxiety, Suicide & the ways it can & does touch us all. I highly recommend you give it a listen, it’s informative, moving & respectfully done. Helpline info is also provided.

This is a complex topic to unpack, but delve into it we must. According to the World Health Organization, one person dies from suicide every 40 seconds in the US.Many of us are masking Depression due to the societal stigma attached to it, as well as the difficulty in dealing with the illness itself. Your brain turns against itself & there are a gazillion reasons as to why, so we must educate ourselves.

Whether we know it or not, we have all been touched by it, directly or indirectly. When you next ask a person why they’re depressed, or wonder why they are, be mindful that there isn’t always one reason or even an obvious answer. A safe support system is a must, so if you interact with someone you know to be depressed, don’t try to fix them. The day I found people who accepted me as I am without judgement or needing an explanation of why I wasn’t able to function like everyone else, was a revelation to me.

On my website & sometimes in my Soundbath Meditations, I make a point of saying it’s ok to not always feel ok. Depression does not require a “Happily Ever After”. There’s not a one size solution fits all, it looks differently for everyone. I grew up in a household where trauma, depression & physical, mental, psychological, verbal, emotional abuse was the norm.However, to many people, it looks like I have lived a charmed life & still do. Indeed, life is good, however, my depression & anxiety remains vigilant. The simplest things can be excruciatingly crippling & exhausting, in my efforts to simply get through the day. I find living with chronic depression, anxiety & the many issues that can come with it has scarred & sculpted me into who I am & the struggle will never be over.

So please, if you are struggling, please reach out for support & if you’re not, reach out to those that are if you can.

National Suicide Helpline:


Available 24 hrs a day.

Mental Health First Aid.

This is for those who wish to reach out to those who’re struggling.

It is an 8 hour course that teaches you how to help someone who’s either developing a mental health problem, or experiencing a mental health crisis.

National Alliance on Mental Illness.

It is a great resource & organization giving accurate information & support to anyone dealing with Depression & other Mental Health Issues.

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