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Thanks for Listening.

Today I created another SoundBath Meditation, & as I always do, wrote a letter of thanks to those that came.

Thought it might resonate with some of you so here it is....

Full Moon SoundBath Sunday. 08/26/18. The Pathfinder Institute.

Many thanks for taking time out of your day to Sound Journey with me this afternoon.

It’s always a profound pleasure to create these events.

As you know, I strongly believe in what I do & how impactful it can be. It is clear that we co-create what takes place in this safe & shared space of self exploration. I gain just as much from the experience as I hope you do.

The art & act listening is much underrated & under-utilized. In my observations, it is due in part to our being surrounded by an overwhelming array of sounds. We are more used to tuning it all out than letting it in, sometimes for good reason. There are some frequencies that are indeed toxic & we’d do well to protect ourselves from those. Still, we’ve gotten so used to blocking the helpful along with the unhelpful, we struggle to tell the difference between the two & often wind up losing out on vital information as a result. Some of us to the point of disassociating from whatever we’re experiencing at the time.

What if we were to observe some of the Sounds we encounter & our responses to them? How would it be to trust ourselves & breath with ease into the Sounds, sensations, thoughts, smells, tastes, ideas, emotions, visuals, even discomfort?

See how far or where it goes, what it looks & feels like to you, without judging where it leads, or leaves you?

There is no right or wrong answer or outcome. You are the captain of your personal experience & this is your moment to go where you wish with it.

As I create these events, my intention & parting gift is always this:

Let us embrace the experience of accepting life, ourselves, each other, as is, within this moment in time.

How? Through the poetry & power of Sound.

We can explore together what it is to listen without bias, so as to live without prejudice.

Wishing you a beautiful day & week ahead.

Much love till we meet again.



I’ve had to re-schedule the next SoundBath to another day, the date of which I do not have yet. You can visit &/or subscribe to my website so as to receive my newsletters in the meantime, where you’ll be the first to know what’s happening & when. I will also be posting my news via Social Media.

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