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This Friday. Same Class. C U There.

An Extra Special Honey Flow Asana & Sound Bath Class.


481 Broadway 3rd Floor. (Btwn Broome & Grand st.)

Tel - 917 472 7499

$22 Drop In. or Regular Class Card + $5-$10 Donation to the Sound Practitioner.

Book Early, Arrive Early, as spots go FAST!!

The most delicious (& stealthily challenging), of Kula classes: a one-ish hour serving of Kula Flow, followed by a 35 min restorative & Savasana practice, with the addition of Sound Meditation, using Singing Bowls, Chimes & more....YUM. No one needs a little deep chill out more than NYC yogis - come for the movement, stay for the magic.

Magi Pierce - I am a devout lover of precise movement & yet, when I let myself soften, my holding & practice trust in release & deep rest, the effects I witness are profound. I also then find that my return to exactitude is informed by the formless space & my whole relationship to being has expanded. It's amazing!! These Honey classes are my offering of this experience & the addition of live music is next-level-sweetness.

Marsha Bentami - Through the power of Sound, I use highly harmonious, soothing, vibratory instruments: Singing Bowls, Chimes, my voice & more, to support a sense of well being & calm. The Sound Meditations are intuitively crafted to meet people where they are at, nurturing a safe space of self discovery inside a non-judgemental environment, promoting self care & self inquiry. Through focussed attention, intention & intuition, I allow the moment to inform how I play, in a bid to help those in the room feel ok to go where they need to at that time within. There is no right or wrong experience. There is no obligation or effort. All you need do is trust yourself & deeply listen.

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