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Another letter I wrote, worth sharing me thinks. There are 2 versions, one I wrote 03/02/18 when I collaborated with the amazing Magi Pierce. The second is for a Workshop I collaborated on, with the incomparable Mel Russo 03/04/18.

Above Photograph by Steve McCurry.

What a genuine pleasure it is, to share my passion of creating Sound Meditations with everyone.

They are considered to be an ancient formula for healing, harmonizing the Mind, Body & Spirit.

The world is Sound because everything is vibration. Sound Meditations harness this knowledge, using it to tap into the vibrations within & around us, re-connecting us with a sense of well-being & good health as a whole.

It has been clinically proven that certain sound frequencies stimulate the brain to release neuropeptides. These are hormones that regulate our mood & emotions, both of which have a strong impact on the healthy functioning of our brain, as well as our body.

Why is this important?

As Dr Mitchell Gaynor puts it “brain chemicals can circulate throughout the body, delivering messages to immune cells to perform a particular function, & ultimately determining how well our systems operate to keep us healthy & heal injuries or dis-ease”.

Everyday we are in varying degrees of stress overload & incessant stimulation. Whether we know it or not, we are in a prolonged state of alert, causing anxiety. Sound Meditation (to my knowledge) isn’t a cure all, but it does help to calm the mind & body through the use of soothing instruments. As I mentioned earlier, this is not a new form of self soothing/healing. Many cultures have used this as a means to help their communities develop a strong sense of awareness & wellness.

It was not unusual for the Mayans to perform Cacao Ceremonies. Cacao (raw chocolate), contains the neurotransmitters serotonin & dopamine, which assist with feeling good, resilient to stress, & anxiety, encouraging a healthier outlook. They used resonant instruments & cacao as a way of connecting to a more expansive view of life & oneself. It also allowed them “…to sit with the stories of the heart & identify areas that are causing constriction, limitation & pain." To fully relax & receive insights & clarity on life & how to support ones overall health. Some reported, “a deep sense of joy, peace & focus." Witnessing & understanding their limiting behaviors, thoughts, & feelings, enabling them to release these binds within the safe space of the ceremony. "Often, time appears to slow down. One becomes focused & not distracted by excess stimulation from the ‘outside world’.”

“Our thoughts, daily mood & emotional state have a big influence on our (physical) health. When we have a specific feeling, thought or drive, it affects our nervous system. Neuropeptides link perception in the brain to the body & emotions - they are constantly changing their configuration, reflecting changes in our emotional state throughout the day. When our mental & emotional state is out of balance, neuropeptides will make physical symptoms appear in the body.”

Although we didn’t take part in a Cacao Ceremony, they do exist & many Sound Baths/Meditations, continue to encourage participants to eat dark chocolate at the end of an event. I've enclosed some chocolate with this letter, as a reminder of where that particular tradition came from. It is also my way of saying thank you for our time together. I look forward to the opportunity to create such an experience with you again, & wish you much joy & happiness.

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